A Forgotten City Comes Into Focus

Situated on the eastern shore of the Laguna Epecuén in the Buenos Aires province, the Argentine city of Epecuén was once a popular tourist attraction for visitors and residents of Buenos Aires. But due to a series of rare weather problems in 1985, Epecuén has been underwater for the majority of the past 25 years.

The unusual climate resulted in the destruction of a nearby dam, and ultimately the submersion of the entire city, which once counted 1500 inhabitants. Recently the water has receded, but only ruins remain of the abandoned town’s former businesses, attractions, and dwellings.

Danny MacAskill, a Scottish cyclist and popular culture personality explores this forgotten city on camera. MacAskill is a mountain biker, or more precisely, a Mountain Bike Trials biker–it’s a discipline in which the rider attempts to complete an obstacle course without his feet touching the ground. The video of MacAskill, released by Red Bull Media House in May 2014, depicts him jumping across buildings, flipping off ramps, and performing tricks throughout the ruins of Epecuén.

A flying drone filmed the various aerial shots, putting the city into perspective and bringing it back to life. The MacAskill’s video has gone viral; it boasts over a million YouTube views has been featured on Buzzfeed and The Telegraph’s website. Through sport, Danny MacAskill brings a forgotten city into focus.

Watch Danny MacAskill’s video here.