The world that streams through our televisions and tablets can Anthem-1be foreboding. Twenty-four hour news programs paste an endless collage of strife. Documentaries, however thoughtful, can seem sterile and remote. Nowhere in our view do we find a familiar face or gesture. Nothing in the lives we see on screen reminds us of our own.mission-01

AwayGames is a television travel series and educational platform that uses sport as a lens to view lives, conflicts, and cultures about the globe. Sport is the world’s greatest icebreaker—an unofficial lingua franca that can bridge divides of culture, ideology, gender, and class mission-05anywhere on earth. Through films, learning units, and seminars, Away Games is committed to promoting tolerance and understanding between people and groups and nations divided by arbitrary borders and deep-rooted enmity. We believe we can make the world a smaller place through sport.